Digital Temp Humidity Meter Hygro Thermometer - LCD Display

Digital Temp Humidity Meter Hygro Thermometer - LCD Display

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Digital Temp Humidity Meter Hygro Thermometer - LCD



Temp/Hum/Hygro LCD Display!

Hygro Thermometer Meter:  LCD display of three lines of fingers, time(or date), indoor temperature and relative humidity are clear even at a glance. Relative degrees of humidity and comfort display. Temperature and relative humidity trend display. Display highest or lowest temperature and relative humidity, and it can clear and restore the memory of maximum/minimu.


  • Large-character LCD display of three lines of fingers
  • Temperature, humidity and time simultaneously
  • Memory of MAX & MIN measuring value
  • 12-hour / 24-hour displaying system selectable
  • oC / o F unit selectable
  • Integral-hour alarm function
  • Alarm function
  • Clock & Calendar function (month and date )
  • Temperature range: -50~ + 70 oC ( -58 ~ +158 o F )
  • Humidity range:10%25~99%25RH
  • Temperature resolution : 0.1? (0.2?)
  • humidity: 1%25RH
  • temperature:

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