Growlush Ballast Timer Switch Box 4! 10A Each Side

Growlush Ballast Timer Switch Box 4! 10A Each Side

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Growlush Ballast Timer Switch Box 4! 10A Each Side



Timer controls up to 2 ballasts to run 4 lights!!!

Switch Box 4: The Switch Box is a light switching device that allows an individual ballast to run two separate lights--one at a time--by switching back and forth between each light, at a user-specified interval. The Switch Box works with magnetic and electronic/digital ballasts. Simply plug the Switch Box into your ballast and you can plug 2 lamps into the Switch Box. A timer controls the "switch". Switch Box has many possibilities and saves lots of money, when compared to buying new ballasts. 

Switch Box can used for three different purposes/advantages:

  • A switch box allows you double production by completing 2 12-hour cycle in each 24-hour day. This is achieved by running 2 lights from each ballast, in two separate rooms, for 12 hours each. Each ballast runs a light in the first room for 12 hours, and then switches over to the second room for 12hours, at a time specified by the user.
  • A switch box can be used to incerase the lighting coverage over a single garden by hanging two lights from each ballast, and then switching back and forth between lights periodically, so that the garden gets more coverage.
  • A switch box can be used to save money by cutting-in-half the number the ballasts used. Since one ballast with switch box, can run 2 lights, you only need to purchase one ballast

Switch Box 4 has the capacity to run 4 lights from 2 ballasts !!

Some digital/electronic ballasts contain and "error sensing" circuit that is meant to detect if there is a bulb failure. in the event of a bulb failure, the ballast will shut itself down and not restart until the users unplugs the ballast to reset it.When running with our switch box, ballasts can contain this "error sensing" circuitry often misinterpret a light switching cycle as a dead bulb, and they shut themselves off. This problems is easy to remedy by following a few steps::


  • With your lighting controller, or timer (timer for the ballast) programs so that the ballasts turn off 5 minutes before you will be initiating the lamp switching cycle, say 11:55am( For instance: if your lamp switching cycle occurs at 12:00PM, then program the ballast(s) timer to turn the balllast(s) off at 11:55AM.)
  • Program the switch box timer to initiate the changeover at 12:00p.m
  • Program your lighting controller, or timer(timer for the ballast) to turn the ballast back on at 12:05pm.
  • Repeat this procedure for the AM cycl (Ballasts timer OFF at 11:55PM, Switch box switch at 12:00AM. Ballsts time on at 12:05AM)
When using any of these electronic/digital ballasts with "error sensing" circuitry, or if your ballast has trouble igniting a lamp after switchover, you must observe the above instruction to ensure the troblue-free operation of your ballast with our Switch Box.
What`s in Package


  • 1 x Growlush Timer Switch Box 4


Parameter Reference Range for Growing:


Lighting Time
Dark Time
Hanging Height
Best Temperature
First 2-4wks (Recovery Stage)
Infinity to 18in.
72-76 degree Celsius
Last 8-9wks
72-76 degree Celsius


These parameter reference range is for general plants, such as tomato. Please set up your grow tent system depending on your specific plant. Thank you!

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