Hydroponics Wand Nutrient Meter -EC/PPM/CF Tester Meter

Hydroponics Wand Nutrient Meter -EC/PPM/CF Tester Meter

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Hydroponics Wand Nutrient Meter-EC/PPM/CF Tester Meter




Wand Nutrient Meter Tester: Thi item you are viewing is a 3 in 1 Nutrient Tester to determine the nutrient levels in a solution with 3 parameters (CF, EC and PPM). If you use hydroponics to grow fruits and plants, it is necessary to know the strength of nutrients. CF-2385I has a wider measuring range with 52 CF, 5.2 EC and 3640 ppm than CF-23852.

This dipstick is easy to use and give you quick and accurate results after you dip the sample solution. CF-2385I is fully Waterproof and automatically power on and off when the probe senses solution.


Nutrient Meter:

  • Measure EC (Electricity Conductivity), CF (Conductivity Factor) and PPM (parts per million) in one stick
  • High conductivity measurement for wide range of crops
  • 100 %25 Fully Waterproof
  • Easy to use, no external buttons
  • Automatic Power On / Off when the meter senses solution
  • Built with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Factory pre-calibrated


  • Measuring range:

    • CF: 4 ~ 52 CF
    • EC: 0.4 ~ 5.2 EC
    • TDS: 280 ~ 3640 ppm (EC x 700)
    • TDS: 200 ~ 2600 ppm (EC x 500)
  • Resolution:
    • CF: 1 CF
    • EC: 0.1 EC
    • TDS: 70 ppm (700 conversion factor)
    • TDS: 50 ppm (500 conversion factor)
  • Accuracy:

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